Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Workshop Goal

For particpants to:
* Create their own 1 to 3 minute digital story told in first person narrative.
* Learn the basics of script development, digital imagery and video editing.

Who Should Attend

People who should attend are: Public Health Nurses, EMS/EMT, Community Health Representatives, Tribal/BIA Law Enforcement, Social Services, Head Start, Injury Prevention Coordinators/Specialist, Environmental Health and anyone interested in developing messaging around motor vehicle safety.

Planning to Attend?

As you plan to attend the workshop, think of what story is most important for you to share with others. Participants should bring a draft story -
* Keep it to 300 words or less.
* Write to an audience; they will be hearing your story and not reading it.

For more information
please contact:

Jerrod Moore ( TIPRC Program Manager Carrie Brown, MSML ( Tribal Traffic Safety Specialist Tabatha Harris, MHHSA ( Tribal Traffic Safety Specialist